Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eat, Drink, and Be Married

This weekend brought laughter and tears as one of my best friends tied the knot.  The festivities commenced with a ladies' day trip to the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley for wine tasting.  All twelve of us piled into the "Millenium Falcon," or as most would call it, an extended fifteen-passenger van, and off we went!  We celebrated Ali's remaining days of singledom under the blue skies, wine glasses in hand, reminiscent of various life events that strengthened (and tested) our friendships, with laughter in abundance.

The planned line-up consisted of three different wineries:  Demetria Estate Winery, Bridlewood Estate Winery, and Beckmen Winery.  We managed to make it to all of them (cue: pat on the back), and thoroughly enjoyed each and every one!

We began our day at the Demetria Estate.  I found out about this exclusive winery per a friend's recommendation and promptly called ahead of time to make a reservation, as dropping-in is not allowed.  The atmosphere was so peaceful and cozy.   We sat at a HUGE table under the California oaks while the hospitable sommelier kept the wine coming.  Just perfect!

A bit of our view--including our own musical accompaniment!  Lucky girls!

Almu and I chatting away about the importance of interior design in art museums.  I pretend to know these things, but she is a professional. 

Bridlewood Vineyard

The "Millenium Falcon" awaits!

Cool Cat


Wedding to come!

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