Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ojai Beverage Company

Summer in California can be a beautiful thing, and I'm typically the first one to suggest an outdoor activity that allows for plenty of sun bathing, but when the thermometer reads 105 degrees...I join the throng of Californians whose only request is to find an air-conditioned establishment with good food and room for friends.
On this particular day, the glimmering oasis for us weary wanderers was the Ojai Beverage Company.  I remember when OBC (as regulars fondly refer to it) used to be an auto repair shop.  My, how it's grown!  They have an expansive collection of beers on tap, as well as what appeared to be every kind of alcohol under the sun for sale in the shop.
The restaurant boasts a menu brimming with tasty eats--mostly bar food prepared with a California cuisine flare.  Indoor seating is available, as well as an outdoor patio with lots of space for large groups.  We ordered a few different things and shared them amongst ourselves.

Marinated artichoke hearts, fontina cheese, and sun-dried tomato wrapped in prosciutto.  Served on basil leaves with balsamic reduction.  
Baja Fish Tacos

Pulled Pork Sliders

A partial listing of OBC's beers on tap--I couldn't fit the whole list into one shot!

All in all, a really fun evening; we exited while rubbing our bellies in satisfaction and with smiles on our faces. I highly recommend Ojai Beverage Company for future blisteringly hot summer nights, or whenever!


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