Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Blast from the Past

I happen to adore old black and white photographs.  I have so much fun studying them and thinking about the glamour of the Golden Age of Hollywood, the lives of the people being photographed, and what was happening around the world in that specific instant.  Being a firm believer that the classic elegance found in many of the photographs from the bygone days should not remain in the past, I've decided to feature old photos that I find stylistically inspiring and create updated, accessible outfits inspired by them.

Of course, if you have any favorite photos that you would like to share, I would just love to see them.  Send them along in a message; I may even feature one or two in a post!


Let's see what we can do...

Sandro 'Revelation White Dress'

Eugenia Kim 'Carly Boho Cloche Hat'
Sandro 'Volage Ecru Blazer'

Nat-Sui Safari Beige Sandal

 'Positano Grande' by Floto

Gold Bangles


  1. Beautiful photo with a woman and plane in the picture. it's so charming and magic, I love black and white photograph.