Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paradise Found

Two things you must know about me: 1) I love wine; 2) I love cheese.  Keeping these very simple, but oh-so-important factors in mind, choosing the location for tonight's get-together was not too difficult.  Paradise Pantry was exactly what we (I?) was looking for!  At first glance, the shop goes almost unnoticed, as it has a very "hole in the wall," unassuming exterior.  At second glance, the shop will beckon you into its front door past an array of succulents and exotic looking plants and into its charming tasting room.  

A guest winemaker was running the show and offering tastings of his own stuff tonight, which made us feel very lucky-really good!  We ordered two cheese and one meat sampler for the four of us, which proved to be the perfect amount, but the rest of the menu looked really tempting as well. All of the samples offered can be bought individually in the store-front deli.  I will definitely be stopping by Paradise Pantry again, whether for another night out with the girls, to pick up picnic ingredients, or otherwise!

sister, sister


a little off-kilter, but you get the general idea!

677 East Main St. Ventura, CA. 93001

The tasting room is teeny-tiny, so be sure to get here early on weekend days, and be prepared to wait a short while for a table on weekdays.  Worth it!

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