Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Shake Shack

During my recent trip to New York City, I spent one afternoon getting lost in Central Park and the Upper West Side with my brother.  It started pouring rain as we were wandering the streets, and before we knew it, fate had pushed us under the awning of the The Shake Shack...Poor us.  The line to order wrapped around the building and down the block, which further prodded my brother and I to investigate whether the apparent love affair between New Yorkers and the Shake Shack was well-warranted.  After all, hungry fans were standing in the rain displaying some serious dedication.  Turns out my brother and I whole-heartedly approve of the match, even though the Shack is said to rival our beloved In-N-Out.

If you're in NYC, definitely stop by one of the Shake Shack venues; there are lots of locations, so maybe you'll even accidentally stumble across one like we did!  Here's a copy of the full menu to help keep your salivary glands in shape:

The address for this location is: 366 Columbus Ave. (between 77th & 78th) New York, NY. 10024
I've also been to the original location in Madison Square Park, which is outdoors and has plenty of seating.


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