Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blast from the Past: Gene Tierney

In my opinion, Gene Tierney is one of the most gorgeous women that ever lived.  I remember watching the film Laura throughout my childhood, and I always noted how effortlessly she was able to combine a "girl-next-door" demeanor with a sophisticated appearance.  I wanted to be her (which may or may not have had everything to do with the hunky detective who played her love interest in the film)!

Last night I watched another one of Tierney's films that I had never seen before: Black Widow.  She played a smaller role, but still possessed the same sophistication and glamour as I was used to seeing.  Enter: my "Blast from the Past" inspiration.

Madewell 'Silk Tealace Tank'

Reiss 'Kayla' Wide Leg Slit Back Pant

Anthropologie 'Crossed Nerodia Wedges'

I love this belt, but couldn't find where it's from. Will keep looking!

...and just because I knew you would want to see the "hunky detective" I was referring to, let me introduce Dana Andrews:

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