Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Last night was the first night in MONTHS that I woke up shivering because a bed sheet alone would no longer provide me with enough warmth.  This means at least one thing: fall is here!  I know this comment is going to earn me numerous eye-rolls, as fall and winter in California are considered to be summer's slightly less favorable siblings that go to bed on the earlier side, and I will probably still be running errands in shorts and a tank in December.  However,  I personally like the crisper weather that comes with the September, and will most likely exaggerate how cold I am for an excuse to wear scarves, nubby wool sweaters, knee-high socks, etc...So sue me!

It followed that today was the kind of day I wished I had my own personal cabin in the woods to escape to.  It would necessarily be on a lake with a large outdoor deck for wine-ing and dining, easy access to hiking trails, and plenty of room for family, friends, and my several pups, of course.

Kind of like this:

**All pictures found in Pinterest and @ http://www.planete-deco.fr/ 

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