Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Florence et al.

A few weeks back, I met my 24th birthday.  We stared each other square in the faces, each of us trying to determine our feelings for the other.  I 'flip-flop' every year between thinking I'm getting old and thinking I still have my whole life in front of me.  For the sake of squeezing as much goodness out of life as possible, I'm going to think with the glass half full and be excited about what's to come!

In fact, I planned a night out at the Hollywood Bowl to see Florence + The Machine in order to extend birthday festivities for as long as possible!  The Bowl is such a great venue, and we couldn't pass up a chance to see Florence perform, so that was the end of that. 

Off we went!

First, matters of business:  Glass bottles and unsealed water bottles are not allowed in the venue.  This being the case, a popular pre-concert ritual is to pack a picnic and a blanket and bring them with you to right outside the main gate.  You won't miss the crowds lounging on the concrete, enjoying their picnics like we did!  Just seek out a few square feet of space and throw down a blanket. 

And honestly, I probably shouldn't say this, but if you are extra stealth and observant, you won't find it too difficult to spot the least stringent "bag checker" and enter the Bowl with all goodies intact.  Just sort of shuffle in sideways with your bag on your other side--it worked for us!

 The white lights on the hill above the Hollywood Bowl surround the infamous 'Hollywood Sign.'  I love thinking about the history and stories behind those nine letters.


We like kisses...

And cuddles.

What a night!  She just blew my socks off!...Or maybe I was just following her lead...the woman sings barefoot!

 Florence is wonderful.  And a little off her rocker, which I love.  You must go see her perform if you get the chance.  There will be no regrets!

See you next year, Florence + The Machine!

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