Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Get Out & Play!

Yesterday afternoon I was inexplicably anxious.  I sat in a local coffee shop attempting to work, but instead I annoyingly tapped my fingers on the table-top until I was asked to stop.  I clicked my pen up and down until perturbed glances from passers by made me realize how obnoxious I was being. Also, I suspect the new bruise on my shin was caused by the unconscious jiggling of my foot against the table.  All together, these antics produce what I call a "hot mess."

Needless to say, try as I might, I could not muster up an ounce of focused energy.  We've all had those days, right?...Please say 'yes.'

Upon reaching the conclusion that I would be far more productive if I could figure out a way to lessen the gross, twitchy listlessness, I shot up from the table (which I'm sure also annoyed my coffee shop peers), very happy with my decision and glad to have an excuse to stop studying.

Luckily, I had my running shoes in the car, as I was pulled like a moth to the flame toward the lake on the outskirts of my town.  In addition to the fact that there are many fantastic trails in that area, I also know the best way to clear my head is to go outside and break a sweat.  I swear by this philosophy!

So, get off your bum, and get outside for some air and sunshine!  Not only will it make you easier to be around if you're inconsolably grumpy or anxious as I was, but being active also brings a great sense of calm to a stressful mind. I promise.

Plus, look at all the pretty things you can see!

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