Thursday, October 11, 2012

Word of the Week: 'C' & 'D'

Because I somehow forgot to post the 'Word of the Week' last week, I'm going to double up on you today so we can further our education together!

In honor of the Vice Presidential Debate tonight in the USA, I've colored our words in red and blue.  I'm sure we can all agree that developing one's vocabulary claims bipartisan support. 


 Verb: Ask for or obtain (something to which one is not entitled)

 Synonyms: beg - mump

Sentence examples: He smokes whenever he can cadge a cigarette;  We should probably let her know that she is developing a reputation as a cadger.



 Noun: A scarcity or lack of something

 Synonyms: scarcity - shortage - lack - want - deficiency - famine

Sentence examples:  There was a dearth of accurately stated facts in the Vice Presidential Debate tonight; Studies have proven that a dearth of necessary foods caused malnutrition during the Great Depression. 

Word definitions compliments of the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary


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