Sunday, April 21, 2013

Melanie Favreau

This weekend I received my first ever Etsy purchase: two pair of adorable silver post earrings.

I am extremely 'no fuss' when it comes to jewelry, and prefer to wear no earrings over wearing a pair of chandeliers or hoops.  I also have really sensitive ears, so I always need to double check that the earrings I do wear are pure silver, and not just silver coated.

This being said, I was pumped when I received my shipment from Melanie Favreau's online jewelry shop.  Here she is:

 Melanie sells her earrings individually, so I guess I actually ordered four separate items, rather than two.  She creates an assortment of earrings with varying shapes and sizes, which makes it fun to mix and match.

I ordered one pair of trapezoid shaped studs, and one pair of the chevrons.  I tried on the trapezoids first and have not taken them out once since I put them in my ears!  I love these shapes because they remind me of a game I used to play when I was younger...

Did any of you play with these blocks as kids?  The red ones were always my favorites...Look familiar?

They are small enough to be able to wear them with anything, yet they make a statement when they are noticed.  I love them, and have already begun to add more of Melanie's items into my virtual shopping cart.

Etsy, I have discovered, is an online goldmine.  So many creative minds and gifted hands at work in this world of ours!

Order yourself a pair of these beauties.  I promise you will love them!

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