Monday, May 20, 2013


This weekend, I made the trek up to San Francisco for the highly anticipated Bay2Breakers race.  I'm friends with quite a few guys who run for a professional team, so I hitched a ride with them.  I had fully intended to run the race with two of my girlfriends, but after a late night of drinking wine and catching up, we decided that it might be in the best interest of us all, if we just dressed up and joined the festivities on the streets of San Francisco after the race. 

My friends, who run for the Asics Aggies, got first place as a team, which was just one more very good reason to celebrate.  After they crossed the finish line, we all met up for beers in Golden Gate Park and walked to the Panhandle for some prime people-watching material.

The city was in a state of madness.  I saw the Super Mario Brothers, complete with race cars (on two separate occasions), more tutus in every color of the rainbow than I thought was possible, a gang of skunks, a naked Batman character, and many happy, slightly buzzed runners with their thumbs up in anticipation of the finish line.

I apologize in advance for the grainy quality of these photos.  I didn't bring my camera onto the streets, so phone shots will have to do!

Here we are in all our blinding glory, ready to take on the day at 8am!

We took full advantage of the bus stop wait to get some air (....see what I did there?).

Here are the boys crossing the finish line.  They came in at a time of 40:03...that's about 5:35 mile pace.  Quite impressive!

Based on our experiences, I would say the most important rules of thumb to keep in mind as a B2B festivities participant are to have cash on hand for the bus (they don't give change) and use the restroom before you leave the house.  The bus schedules were totally screwy because of the mass amounts of people packing themselves on to each one, so you actually might be better off taking a cab next year.

We had such a great time gallivanting through the city.  The character of San Francisco really shines through in full force during events like this one, because everyone participates!  The locals are so sweet and helpful.  We needed directions a few times, and everyone we spoke to was excessively kind and considerate toward the newbs in town.

This is one of my best friends, B.  We've known each other since 7th grade (that's since we were about 13 in  the US). He runs for fun...but I guess he's still pretty cool.

 This looks like a good patch of dirt for a mid-day rest...

After an overdose of sun exposure, cheap beer, and high fives from complete strangers dressed as tacos, Kelly and I headed back toward her place.

We were both craving cheeseburgers, so we stopped in at a cute little diner in Nob Hill called Toast.  
We sat across from each other, bleary-eyed and reminiscent of the fun day we had experienced, taking note of the occasional Bay2Breakers warrior making his way home in costume.

I absolutely love San Francisco, and events like this one make me wish I lived there even more.  Maybe one day I'll make the controversial move from Southern to Northern California, but until then, "See you next year, you pretty thing, you!"

*Race photo from Bay2Breakers website

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