Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pixie Love

For the past two weeks, I've had a head cold latching on to me for dear life. Things might be a lot more enjoyable for me if it would just leave and never come back, but there is an upside to the little monster hanging around.
It apparently makes me crave vitamin C like there's no tomorrow (if you couldn't already tell from yesterday's post), which happens to be included in tons of my favorite foods.

Including, but not limited to, these bad boys:

These, my friend, are called Pixie Tangerines.  They're sort of a legacy in my hometown, and my best friend happens to have a VIP pass to one of the best orchards around.
You see, Rachel's grandpa used to own a local Christmas tree farm, but once he realized that pixies are snatched up like edible gold in these parts, he nixed the original business and began growing the dynamic duo, the Kate and William of produce: avocados and tangerines.

We had to enter the secret code for the gate and everything! No big deal.
Anyway, upon setting foot onto the property, we rushed up the hill with bags in hand, intending wholeheartedly to fill them to the brim with our loot.

These plants line the entryway.  I love their whimsical looks.

We brought Baby O along too.  He also answers to the very humble title of 'Snail Hunter Extraordinaire'.  Isn't he cute enough to eat?

I felt a little greedy picking all of those tangerines for myself...but that feeling didn't last long.  Come to me!

"A picture?  Okay, but make it quick.  I have shoes to get muddy and snails to hunt!"

We may or may not have taken some avocados as well...

Of course we did.