Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Lexington Social House

This weekend, I attended a baby shower for one of my childhood friends.  I had a wonderful time catching up with everybody and celebrating my friend's new little family.  However, as much as I truly enjoy children, it was a little overwhelming for me to see so many of my childhood peers with babies.
Luckily, a few of my single, childless girlfriends felt the same way.
Once the party began to fizzle, we took off to The Lexington Social House in Hollywood for some late night snacks and drinks.
None of us had ever been, but we had been told that the specialty cocktails were amazing.  And besides,  nightlife in Hollywood is really something special.
We arrived at what I'm sure was an annoyingly late hour for the servers, but they were more than hospitable, and even let us stay late!

The cocktail menu was original and delicious, and the appetizers we selected were perfect.  Unfortunately, I only have a few photos from our outing because I did not want to bother diners with my flash, and the room was quite dark.  I did manage to get some good ones though!
We were all in the mood to eat naughty food, as you'll see!

House Fries, complete with caramelized onions and house sauce.  Think upgraded In-N-Out "animal style" fries. Amazing.

Crispy Calamari with a Lemon Aoli Dipping Sauce

Burrata and Roasted Peaches Salad with Prosciutto and Balsamic Reduction

And now for the fun part...

We ordered almost one of each cocktail, and promised that we would try to make them all at home (menu here).

The Honeyvine: pisco porton, st germain elderflower, honey syrup, lime juice, fresh cucumber, lavender bitters

This drink wasn't one the menu, but it was called Desert Heat, and it had an awesome little spicy kick.

After we left, we did a little touristy sightseeing.  The Hollywood Sidewalk Stars are always amazing.

We found Lauren Bacall!

Such a great night!  If I weren't leaving, I'd promise to make it back to The Lexington.  Who knows, maybe I'll find a comparable night time hangout in New York!


  1. The food looks amazing and I would like to try a Honeyvine!

  2. Try making one at home, T! You've got the list of ingredients right there! ;) It's never a bad thing to have an excuse to create cocktails!

  3. My friends are starting to get married and I feel the ame way you do... Looks like you guys had a really fun night though!! You're lucky you get to go out in Hollywood!



  4. The food looks yum-azing! :)
    - Aimee

    1. Was so so naughty! And worth every bite! You know, sometimes a girl just needs french fries slathered in cheese sauce.

  5. Last time I was there, my husband had the Honeyvine, he kept telling me about it for weeks and even bought a bottle..it was my birthday and that's what he remembers?! men... :P.

  6. Oh wow! I didn't realize it was sold by the bottle! I like that idea-very convenient!

  7. The pisco Porton is, than he made the cocktails himself, it's not that hard. Should try it and impress your family!