Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dos Amigos

It's nice having friends in a new city who are able to show me the ropes. My good friend Helene, a Manhattan original, has been helping me fit in to the big city life like a natural. "People will know you aren't from around here if you try talking to them on the subway, Eileen," she tells me in a matter of fact voice. "And locals never wait for the light that tells them it's safe to cross the street," she adds.

I met Helene at my college orientation and the rest was history. We would meet up on the corner on the way to class and walk together almost every morning, experience the same trivial college problems that seemed so monumental at the time, primp with each other before a big night out, and discuss our plans for the future.
Throughout those discussions, I never really thought the two of us being in New York together would become a part of my life's equation. But I'm happy it has!

For our first NYC jaunt together, we took a low-key tour of the city. 

The Empire State Building was looming over us almost everywhere we went. Such a beautiful building.

Helene showed me her fancy office building and from there we walked to lunch at one of her favorite spots: Dos Caminos. 

We opted to sit in the lovely seating area outside on a quiet side street. 

Strawberry Margarita for Helene.

Red Sangria for me.

I will never complain about a salsa trio. The salsa verde was amazing! It had cilantro and mint mixed in - my favorites!

Guacamole was also essential, naturally.

Without consulting Helene about what I should order, I decided to go with the Mexican Chopped Salad. "That's my favorite thing on the menu!" she exclaimed. Having basically licked my plate clean, I cant say I blame her. It was divine.

Green olives, apples, poblano chiles, grilled corn, pinto beans, tomato, aƱejo cheese, and crispy tortillas with a toasted cumin vinegarette. Yes, please!

Too stuffed to consider dessert at the time, we sadly pushed away the menu when it was left for us a second time. But those feelings quickly fled....

After hopping on a subway down to SoHo and stretching our legs a little, the adorable Sweets by Melissa beckoned us to try its tiny....well, sweets. 

Sweets by Melissa makes bite-sized cupcakes of assorted flavors. I am a horrible decision maker, so being able to experience tiny tastes of multiple desserts was perfect, and not overly indulgent. 

Mint chocolate chip was my favorite! 
The tiny walk-up window can be easy to miss, so keep an eye out for this flag:

...or the line of people that wraps around the street corner.

Why better way to burn some calories than a night on the dance floor? We rolled back to Helene's apartment to spend some time with her child, Trevor, before beautifying ourselves for a night out on the town like the good old days of college.

See you in the morning, Trev!

Nothing quite like riding in a New York City cab with your ladies.


  1. Very nice photos!! :)

    Do you want to follow each other, let me know?!

    1. Thank you, Dana! I try. :) Sure, I'd love to follow each other! xoxo

  2. Hey! Are you brazilian? I'm asking you this because of the title of the post :D I loved you blog and all the culture that it's shown here!
    I'm following you by e-mail, you're a great writer!
    xoxo see you soon!

    1. Thank you, Dayse! No, i'm not Brazilian - I wish! The title was just a little play off the name of the restaurant. So happy you stopped by! On my way to check out your blog now! xoxo

  3. I want to go to NY!

    All the food looks so good... especially those cupcakes!

    1. Come, come! They were amazing! But there is SO much more available in the food department. I constantly feel like Templeton from the 'Charlotte's Web' cartoon; an utter smorgasbord! Thanks for stopping by, love!