Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I think I have found my favorite hidden gem in Brooklyn: Sahadi's.
This place sells everything that I would want served at my last meal. Like most hole-in-the-wall locals, Sahadi's does look a little grungy on the outside, but the inside holds everything I ever imagined about good New York delicacies. This doesn't mean, however, that the products sold in this store are true blue American products, but a hodge-podge of ethnic eats that celebrate the cultural diversity of this wonderful city.


This is the queen bee of Sahadi's: Baba Ganoush. It has got to be laced with addictive substances. Nothin else would induce me to eat 20+ carrot sticks in one sitting. Creamy, savory, and good with just about anything you can dip (including fingers)....Whatever you do, make sure you pick some up when you make your visit.

This is my favorite section! Sahadi's has an enormous selection of nuts, dried fruit, candy, chocolate almond butter made on the spot...I can go on and on, really. BUT, apparently, I'm not the only person who finds the glass jar contents drool-worthy, as there is quite often a long line. Never fear! I'm hear to give you a very important newbie tip:

Grab a ticket to hold your place in line as soon as you walk into the store.  That way, you can get your other shopping done while you wait your turn for assistance from behind the counter. The tickets are dispensed freely from a littler red ticker near the jars of chocolate. By the time I'd caught on to the system, I had already been waiting for about 10 minutes, and then waited an additional 15 minutes until my number was called. Definitely worth doing first thing.
I recommend the chocolate covered peanuts, dried apricots, and roasted almonds with salt. They make an awesome trail mix when combined all together

So, as you're waiting your turn, you can peruse the shelves...

and the cheese section (try the feta!)...

and the deli, where the baba ganoush and hummus are kept behind bullet-proof glass, understandably...

I think what I love so much about this store is that it has a very "mom and pop" feel, which is hard to come by in New York City. A mom and pop with very good taste, clearly.

So"New York." Love it.
This gem can be found at 187-191 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn, NY.
Phone: (718) 624-4550


  1. This place looks delicious!! We have a little middle eastern market just down the road from my apartment that is very similar! I go there all the time for this tomato/eggplant/chickpea type heavenly .... mush... I know mush is not a pretty descriptive word but its out of this world good!

    xx Brea

    1. Totally, Brea! Mush is amazing. I never was picky about my food touching on my plate.

  2. oh wow all those sweets!!! heaven.